Customer Satisfaction Testimonials
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Well, it didn't snow, but it did the next best rained!  and off we went.  The coats were great. The water beaded up and when they shook themselves it just flew off.  I kept the collars pulled up around their ears...the leash worked perfect, no problem at all (as you well knew) and they looked so sharp.  One neighbor came out and took a picture of my sweet ones.  It was pretty cool out...when we got home and I took off the coats their backs were toasty warm.

So, your coats were a big success.  Thank you very much.  I love walking in the rain myself, but haven't done so just becuz it's too wet for the dogs.  Now we can go anytime.


We love our houndcoats!!  Andrew and Dreamer look so cute in them and they love to wear them (you know how Greyhounds love to get dolled up...).  They are so easy to get on and off, and i love the fact that they are so easy to wash and keep clean!  I really love the way you do the back of the coat so that the male dogs can do their stuff without getting the coat.  Now we just need matching hats & legwarmers for those really cold days.  Thank you so much!


As the proud "mom" to six wonderful greyhounds, I go to any and all extremes to keep them safe, healthy, comfortable...and warm.  Even here in sunny orlando, we have many cold days and nights.  when the mercury dips to the mid 50's, all the Greys get suited up with their "houndhuggers".  These hand-made Greyhound coats are made of soft, toasty polar fleece and offer "Grey-t" protection for the nippy winds and cool nights.  They come in a huge array of prints, patterns, and solid colors, and slip easily over the head for a quick fit.  The wide underbelly belt is easily secured with velcro, and best of all, the super-wide collar keeps those Greyhounds' necks and heads nice andwarm.

When the coats need to be laundered, simply toss them in a gentle cycle, and then in the dryer for a few minutes.
The beautiful colors will not fade and the fleece looks like new after repeated washings.  If your Greyhound really hates the rain, check out the gorgeous rainwear.  It combines the soft polar fleece on the inside with a water resistant outer shell that is soft and pliable. For quality, value, durability, "Grey-t" looks, and a happy, healthy, warm Greyhound, houndhuggers cannot be beat!